Holidays in school put into question

Megan Stoerman, Business Manager

With the holidays fast approaching many find themselves wondering how appropriate it is for holidays to be celebrated at school.

This chilly time of year is a jovial and merry one for most as holidays are celebrated outside of school, but to what degree should these celebrations be taken into the school halls.

In high school, holidays are never really celebrated aside from the occasional ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ from a staff member or fellow peer. Holidays are never pressed upon students and it is a very merry yet not pressuring atmosphere.

Everyone is bubbling with the excitement of winter break, but it never gets to be too much and students should always remember that being respectful of others is critical to the holiday season.

Leaving the celebrations of the holidays outside of school is best in order to not offend anyone.

The school itself never makes students celebrate or makes them feel uncomfortable, and boundaries are always respected by fellow peers.

 According to Clint Albers, principal, it is very necessary that we “respect all students and ethnic backgrounds” when holidays are brought up and talked about.

As long as everyone is respected, not feeling pressured and nothing is too drastically celebrated it is fine for the occasional talk of holidays to be brought up and discussed.

Being mindful and respecting of everyone and different religions and holidays is key when it comes to this festive time of year.