Staff sees dress code as unequal

Staff sees dress code as unequal

Out of the 27 Eyrie staff members asked, 24 of them believe the school’s dress code is unequal between female and male students.

The staff’s biggest concern is that “if a girl wears a tank top, she gets dress coded, but when guys wear a tank top, they don’t get dress coded.”

When asked if the dress code was equal, one staff member said, “No, girls get dress coded more. An assistant principal dress coded a girl for bra straps while a guy at my lunch table took off his shirt during Falcon 50 and no teacher said anything.”

Another staff member said, “Girls and guys are definitely not equal dress code-wise. I’ve seen guys wear tank tops with huge gaps in them and not get caught, but if a girl is wearing a sleeveless top, they are targeted.”

Overall the staff does not understand why girls’ shoulders and bra straps are considered distracting while guys’ bare torsos are not.

Eight female staff members have been dress coded. Two were dress coded for wearing spaghetti straps and one for wearing an off the shoulder shirt.

One suggestion for the school was that the school “should assess how the dress code affects learning and listen to students’ opinions about it.

Though the staff understands that a dress code is necessary, many believe the school should make it equal among genders and realize that body parts, such as shoulders, are not distracting.