Staff provides Prom advice based on last year

With Prom arriving in just two months, the Eyrie staff is recapping last year.

The majority of the staff members who went last year enjoyed themselves. The few who did not like Prom last year expressed their distaste for the cramped atmosphere, the mediocre DJ and the limited amount of water.

The most popular suggestions of staff members were a different DJ, providing snacks, stocking up on water and having another photo booth.

With that being said, staff members advised people going to Prom for the first time this year to simply have fun and not put too much stress on themselves.

Prom can be an exciting experience, but it can also be expensive. The Eyrie staff says to place a budget on all expenses, including dress, dinner, shoes, nails, etc. The staff believes anywhere from $150-$300 is reasonable, but, of course, this may differ from person to person.

In regards to who to go with to Prom, the staff members’ opinions differed. Many preferred going with a date because it would be more suitable for slow dances and a more enjoyable experience. While others felt going to Prom with friends would be more fun, less awkward and more memorable. A few staff members preferred going with both friends and a date.

Finally, the staff advises students to make smart decisions by not drinking and driving, taking ille