Summer on a tight schedule?

Madison Bonner, Reporter

As the school year comes to an end and summer is less than a month away, we have begun to make our summer plans and may have already made most of them.

Different people have different plans and priorities during the summer whether it is work, traveling, sports or heading off to college, but everyone wants to enjoy their break.

But, with all the plans we make for our summer break, it can get to be just as packed as our school schedule, so how does anyone and time to relax?

Some of the staff said in order to relax they may go outside, play video games, go with the flow so they don’t stress or even sleep in a couple extra hours in the morning.

Another staff member suggested that if you “get a good group of friends and set your expectations low, you’re always bound for a good time.”

Sometimes being out with friends is the best way to let loose and make the best memories in the warm summer weather.

One staff member said, “When you’re making your summer plans, you always need to leave space in between things so you can enjoy your time off.”

Having time designated for relaxing is a great thing; we all deserve a little break every once in a while, so why not do it when the sun’s shining and the days are longer.

Soak up the sun, go to the pool, read a book, set the phones down for a couple hours and enjoy your time off because after nine months of schooling, we all need a detox.