Project Grad gives last time to party

Madison Bonner, Reporter

Graduation is right around the corner for seniors and their families, and the Project Grad committee has been preparing for this event the whole year.

Jawanda Mast, Project Grad chairman, explained that students will park at the school for graduation on May 20 and bus over to Olathe District Activity Center, ODAC, for graduation. 

After graduation, students will get their vehicles from the school and spend time celebrating with family and friends. Later that evening if they have purchased a ticket, they will return to the school by 7:45 p.m. to leave for Project Grad. 

This year, Project Grad will be held at Matt Ross Community Center from 8 p.m.- 1:45 a.m. and will have food, raffle prizes, coffee bars, poker, laser tag and more.

Different people and organizations have donated different prizes such as Visa, Best Buy, and Target gift cards and many more options for students to win in various games and drawings.  

Over this past school year, students and volunteers have been raising money at events, such as concession stands, to help fund for this celebration for seniors after graduation.  

Project Grad will give graduated seniors a last chance to enjoy and have fun with their class after graduating as well as a safe environment to relieve parents. 

Why would you not want to have fun and win prizes with high school friends before everyone goes their separate ways?