Tips to help with hurricane relief

Tips to help with hurricane relief

Natural disasters like Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, come around when least expected and the only thing we can do to help is send prayers and donations. Here are some helpful tips when donating towards disasters.

The “Washington Post” advises that one should always make sure to do the proper research before donating. It’s wise to verify an organizations legitimacy and to see if it is reliable enough for the next time you plan to donate.

Although clothes and supplies are very much appreciated money is the most needed form of support to buy other items they may need.

The Puerto Rican government sent out a list of things they need the most, including emergency supplies and food they are running out of.

There is a donation page called “United for Puerto Rico”, started by their first lady, Beatriz Rosello.

The website provides accurate percentages for how much they have received as well as goals, and news, they even advertise their own charity concert which will be held on Dec. 10 in hopes of receiving more support.

The American Red Cross and The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is giving support and aid to both Puerto Rico and The Virgin Islands.

UNICEF are still on scene to provide help for the children effected by Maria and the majority of every dollar that is spent goes to saving their lives.

The Red Cross are still in need of money for things like rice, beans, water, insect repellent, trash bags, etc.

Another way to help out would be to do volunteer work down at the sight. The Puerto Rican Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) is the best place to get information on volunteering and signing up to work.

Making sure to send supplies and money directly, doing your research on the organizations you plan to donate to, and keeping an open mind to other ways of help are the best strategies to help save and restore lives in their time of need