Eyrie supports closed bathrooms

Tristan Allen, Editor-in-Chief

The bathrooms in the 1100 and 200 halls are locked during Falcon 50 (F50). Locking bathrooms might seem unfair, but does not have a big impact.

The administration is locking the two bathrooms so students have a harder time getting away with certain offenses, such as vaping and vandalism, which have been issues this year and last year.

The bathrooms are unlocked before and after F50.

The idea, according to Clinton Albers, principal, is that bathrooms would be easier to supervise during F50 to stop vandalism, vaping and other offenses.

In an interview with Albers, it appeared that this decision was thought out.

He theorized that locking the two bathrooms would not significantly impact the student body because even though there are students who do not eat in the commons, they would go through the commons to pick up food, and they could then use the three unlocked restrooms off of the commons.

He also theorized that reducing the number of bathrooms available would make the available bathrooms “less private” because there would be more students in the bathroom to catch potential offenders.

The only criticism the Eyrie editorial board has of this decision is that it appears extreme and can inconvenience other students to close off bathrooms during F50 to stop vandalism and vaping, but it’s for the greater good of the school.