Mr. Falcon Becoming South’s Top Falcon


Abby Wallace, Writer

An event previously known as Mr. Falcon is now becoming more gender inclusive  by being revamped to South’s Top Falcon. Last year, senior boys would compete and show off their hidden talents” in order to become Mr. Falcon. The contest would be shown on the announcements during advisory. Students and staff would enjoy watching these boys perform their very unique talents until one was named Mr. Falcon.

This year, however, the contest was changed in order to include all students not based on gender. Mixed feelings have been made about this decision considering having one contest isn’t going to cause harm to people. It allows boys to have fun and stand out. Being gender inclusive is important in today’s society since people are starting to become more expressive about how equity equality is a necessary skill to start teaching in high school. However, there are some traditions that go beyond being gender inclusive. Mr. Falcon in no way was harmful to students. It was a source of entertainment, and at this point in the school year, many students just want to be able to relax and watch as some of their peers perform interesting tasks to win a contest. 

Although changing the contest to include everyone could make it better. There’s a bigger variety of students who could provide the same level of entertainment as the boys previously did. It all depends on how someone looks at the situation. It wasn’t necessary to change the contest, but it isn’t going to cause it to be any less entertaining as before.