Die Hard is a Christmas Movie.

Dalton Roberts, Reporter


There have been debates all across the world. One that people will disagree on are movies, like what’s the best or worst movie. One of the biggest debates about movies is the Christmas movie Die Hard. This action film is also a film for the holidays. This movie was made in July of 1988. Even when not made at Christmas time, this film action is more festive than most. 


A key point to movies is songs. Die Hard brings in all festivities with 4 different Christmas songs:  ‘Let It Snow’, ‘Winter Wonderland, ‘Christmas in Hollis’, and ‘Jingle Bells.’.  That’s two more than White Christmas 


 The whole film takes place during a Christmas party. And one thing driving John is his wife. The biggest thing about Christmas is family coming together and in the end, he gets back to his wife.


At the end of the whole movie, it snows in Los Angeles, which is more festive than snowing here because it never snowed. This has more impact than snow in New York. It was all a Christmas miracle. 


People often call The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie. The problem with that is it’s the transfer from Halloween to Christmas. Sticks with Halloween themes throughout the movie.


When asked, people say this film is another action film. While true, another Christmas action film is Home Alone. When someone says that die-hard is an action movie, not a Christmas movie. Home Alone is an action movie, not a Christmas movie. They can be both and not just one.  With all the points put together, it’s more evident that Die Hard is a Christmas movie.