Separation between church and state needed

Alyssa Hoedl, Reporter

If a doctor suddenly refused to look at anyone in the waiting room because of his religious beliefs, people would be furious and it would be cause for his removal. If a baker just decided to refuse service to all people of a different color because “God told him to,” he would have major repercussions and have cause to be removed. People can’t just decide not to do their jobs because of their religious beliefs.

Kim Davis’, Kentucky county clerk, refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples is the same situation. The Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the same right to marriage as any other couple this past summer. There is no reason that she would be allowed to refuse licenses to anyone.

Religion should not interfere with the law. A separation of the state and church needs to be present. The people of the United States cannot be governed with a “Well, if God tells you not to, don’t do it” motto.

When the Supreme Court made all same-sex marriages legal, Davis should have resigned if her religious beliefs conflicted with the law. There were no legal grounds for her to refuse to issue licenses.

Some people in the United States are more worried about same-sex marriage than who can carry a gun. If Davis had been a gun store employee refusing to sell guns, there would be riots.

Why are some supporting her refusal to let people get married? What do other people’s marriages have to do with her?

Marriage in a legal sense is between two people. It doesn’t have to do with their gender.Davis shouldn’t be judging others’ marriages when her marriage history has not been maintaining the  sanctity of marriage. She has been married four times to three different men. She had twins with her third husband right after divorcing her first husband. Her second husband who is now her current husband adopted them.

I’m sure after reading that last paragraph you are thinking “Huh?” Exactly. Davis shouldn’t be refusing to issue marriage licenses to others when she can’t stop getting them for herself.

If God doesn’t want same-sex marriages to happen, I don’t think he would want four, five, or six marriages happening to the same person either. Divorce and having a child out of wedlock, the Bible condemns as well as same sex marriage. Davis can’t pick and choose which aspects of the Bible she believes and which she doesn’t.

One person’s opinion on who can legally marry whom should not determine everyone else’s fate, especially a random woman’s opinion. The only person who should decide who gets married are the people getting married to each other, regardless of sexual orientation.