What is with all this Netflix Trash

Picture Courtesy of Creative Commons

Picture Courtesy of Creative Commons

Maggie Flannery, Reporter

When you have a day off, what are you doing with that time? Are you cleaning your room? No way, we are all on Netflix. Whether it is trying to find a movie to watch or just distracting you from work, Netflix has always done the job. Or has it? For the past couple of years, many have noticed the lack of adequate things to watch. Taking off shows that have been there for years (do not even get me started on “The Vampire Diaries”), not only are the movies and shows they are making not great. Other networks also have been giving Netflix handouts that probably did not do so good, making them a big fat no for me. Do not get me wrong, there have been some good ones in the past few years, for example, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Enola Holmes, Stranger Things, and Bridgerton”. 

Netflix has not always been bad; when it was the only streaming service of its kind every company wanted their movie there. But since more companies have started their own service, they have taken their content away from the platform. Netflix has had to start making its own stuff, which is not a bad idea for them but not when they are trying to be like other networks. For holiday movies they try to be too much like Hallmark, cheesy teen shows are too much like C.W. and so on and so forth. I am not talking about movies such as “Clueless” which are on Netflix, but have not been filmed in their studios and directors. 

Netflix was not always the power house it is today, but it actually had a bumpy beginning in the late 90’s early 2000’s with its founder’s putting everything the company had, in DVDs. Which was not the typical form of movie watching back then, making most of the industry using VHS, which is totally insane to believe now. Then in 2007, they made a bold decision switching to streaming from DVDs. At the time streaming was a revolutionary idea that had many making oohing and aahing sound at how easy it was. Not only did viewership skyrocket but it also caused DVDs and VHS off the market with everyone wanting something easy and quick. 

Making it is safe to say Netflix really did something one of a kind, with its streaming and has done some great things. That does not however overlook all the bad movies that should have never been filmed, making good ones not outweigh the bad. To put it bluntly there is no reason for all this Netflix trash!