How to Get Through the Cold Season Without a Cuddle Buddy

Picture taken from Creative Commons

Picture taken from Creative Commons

Gianna Comelli, Reporter

Entering the long cold months ahead, most people long for the perfect source of warmth. Wrapping up in a blanket by the fireplace with hot cocoa just won’t do – cuddle buddy is the go-to choice. Sadly not everyone will get to indulge in a season of cringey cuddling and cruddy movie watching. However, there’s so much you can do to keep yourself warm and entertained on your own.

The first step and this is crucial, buy a comfy or weighted blanket. Both of these simple inventions create the same sensation of a thousand warm hugs. Why share the couch with someone else, when you can have it all to yourself? Craving attention is completely valid, but don’t waste your time on a talking stage that will disintegrate within a week. Go on Omegle! You can talk to so many random people and get all that attention. Just mentally prepare for some judgment.

Next comes the baking. It’s important you master at least 3 different cookie recipes before Nov. 15. That way you have your go-to for the next several months. When you’re stuffing your face it’s hard to think about a significant other. You gotta focus on chewing first! If you’re not a baker, no need to fear! Your local Walmart, HyVee, and Price Chopper will always have pre-baked cookies on hand.

Now this one speaks for itself, shopping! You’re not spending money buying Boo Thang some cheap gifts that’ll end up in the trash. Your money is yours right now. Take advantage and splurge. Go to the mall, shop online, thrift, whatever your vibe is. You deserve to be spoiled and you don’t need someone to do that for you.

Remember that even though you’re flying solo right now, that won’t always be the case. So instead of spending time thinking about what could be, build yourself now. Work on skincare routines, take care of yourself and find your persona. Work on you so when the day comes to pack up your Comfy, and snuggle with that special person, you’re fully prepared. Always keep the weighted blanket on hand though!