Teachers discuss their opinions about advisory and A.I.


Students usually use A.I. time to complete homework. assignments.

Brooke Burbidge, Reporter

Advisory and Academic Intervention, A.I., is a new addition to the district. Class time gets shortened to 45 minutes and then there is a 45 minute gap in between 3rd and 4th hour. This time is used to get homework done and sometimes includes a lesson on how to become a better student. 

AnneMarie Case has been at the school for 5 years; she’s been through multiple different versions of A.I. and advisory. 

“When we had Falcon 50 we had an advisory. There was more freedom [with Falcon 50] because if your teacher doesn’t send an e-Hallpass you can’t go,” Case said. 

Case has an advisory class of freshmen, so she has brand new people to the building. Their focus might not always be on the academic side of school but just getting used to the new setting. 

“Most of the students are using their time wisely and getting their stuff done,” Case said. 

With 45 minute classes, time goes by really fast. Teachers are cutting down their plans to make the time fit and work. 

“I feel like it’s all about how you plan. I have for sure had to take out things to make 45 minutes work. I like the balance of 45 minute classes and then block day so I can do longer activities then,” Case said. 

Kylie Thompson, who started last year is an English teacher. Thompson’s used to teaching on a block schedule, so cutting down activity has been a difference from her previous year.Thompsons advisory class consists of juniors.

“I think the 45 minute goes a lot faster and I think it’s harder this year because we are used to block days. I would prefer to go back to block days so we are not racing against the clock,” Thompson said. 

For students, A.I. is a good break in the day to get work done that they did not complete the day prior or to get ahead on their homework for that night. 

“I think the study hall time is very important for the kids just because they have 7 hours a day,”  Thompson said.

A.I. is also a good time to get to know peers and have a good time together and clear minds from anything stressful that is going on at school. 

“They spend the time just playing Uno, but also I think that time is still beneficial because they get to have a break from school,” Thompson said. 

Some days, A.I. is not given to students and instead there is an advisory lesson. Advisory is when teachers teach students useful organizational skills and new procedures to the building. 

“I do like some of the topics we talk about but I don’t know I feel like they could be more student involved like less student lecture” Thompson said. 

Case also has the same concerns, feeling like students will have connections and actually listen to what the teachers are teaching if they are more student involved. 

“I think it should be interactive. I think the more students are engaged and the more they remember,” Case said

Advisory and A.I. is a resource for the students to get done what they need to do. In advisory, students can learn valuable techniques they can take with them through the next few years or their whole life.  

“There will be times when we are doing lessons that are meaningful, we just haven’t done them yet,” Case said.