Comparing Students’ Experiences with Morning vs Afternoon Hybrid Groups

Sydney Slaton, Reporter

Now that students have gone back to hybrid learning for the second time, they have had plenty of time to form opinions on the morning or afternoon hybrid groups. 

This school year is a little different than previous years. During other years students weren’t going to school for only half the day, but this year it is necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible. Many believe that hybrid learning is “not ideal but it’s alright,” while many others are just ready for school to be able to go back to normal. 

“Everyone dislikes that this school year is different,” sophomore Deborah Kelecha said.

Despite how abnormal this school year is, students are adapting to the new hybrid schedule. Students in the morning hybrid session like that going to school earlier makes it feel more normal. 

“Getting up early is what makes it feel like school,” senior Mason Romero said. 

Another thing that students like about the a.m. group is how much time it feels like they have after school, Romero has been in both groups and says that he prefers the morning hybrid group because he feels like “it basically gives a whole other half of the day.”

“I feel like I have more of my day when I’m in the a.m. group,” Romero said.

Romero said that in the morning “since we weren’t required to do anything during that time [he] just never would,” and that he is “a lot more productive now” that he wakes up and starts his day earlier.

“Really it’s the whole getting up piece,” Romero said “I don’t think people realize that getting up earlier tends to make you have a more productive day.”

Charles Messinger, junior, is in the afternoon session and while he likes being able to wake up later, he agrees with Romero that the students in the morning session are more productive. 

“But I’d also like to be in the morning because then I can get stuff done right then and there and have the rest of the day to myself,” Messinger said.

However, Kelecha goes to school in the mornings and said that she isn’t as productive in the afternoons after school.

“It is nice to have the extra time, but I don’t think I’m that much more productive,” Kelecha said. 

While many students like the earlier end time so they can get a head start on their homework, many also think that it starts earlier than they’d like.

“I don’t like that it starts at 7:45 a.m. instead of starting at 8 a.m. like last year,” Kelecha said.

The later start time is one of the things that Messinger likes about the afternoon group. He said that waking up later is nice because he’s not “up at 7 lugging around and being tired.”

“I like it because I can wake up late so that I can get ready for the day,” Messinger said. “It helps a lot with getting prepared for school.”

One of the things Messinger doesn’t like about going to school in the afternoon is that students can’t really talk to their teachers before school starts since that’s when all of the teachers get lunch. 

“You can’t get as much help as you would back when we had normal school because Falcon 50 was a thing and that would help a lot to go see teachers,” Messinger said. 

Regardless of the pros and cons of both hybrid sessions, it seems most students are content with their respective groups.

“They’re probably equally as negative or positive as each other,” Kelecha said.