Buff Puff; Boys play volleyball

Morgan Montgomery, Reporter

Buff Puff is a special event in which boys play volleyball, coached by Steve Amershek.

“Falcon Flight crew came to me and asked if I wanted to help organize it.” Amershek says. He coaches girls volleyball and teaches Drawing I. “I have no idea [why it’s called buff puff]. That’s what other schools call it, so we stuck with it.” 

“We saw other schools do [Buff Puff], Falcon Flight crew came and asked me,” Amershek says. The players and Amershek are “not serious at all” about this. It’s going to be “a lot of fun, competitive, but not serious,” Amershek says. 

Buff Puff will be played like the volleyball we all know, with “eight teams, single elimination, play until we have a winning team,” Amershek says. 

Buff Puff is new and exciting, it is very highly anticipated and will hopefully have the outcome Powderpuff had: a game every year that people will come to and have fun.