Recent StuCo elections start new, different voting process

Tristan Allen, Reporter

Elections for next year’s StuCo class representatives were held May 10 during seminar. Next year’s StuCo executive board was previously elected April 30.

Poonam Keshary and Nick Townsend, juniors, are next year’s StuCo president and vice president, respectively. 

Sydney Rottinghaus and Max Reves, sophomores, are next year’s secretary and treasurer, respectively. These positions were elected by this year’s StuCo members.

The May 10 elections were for the class representative positions.

Emily Cords, Hayden Hoeven, Carly Howard, Bennett Junkins, Lacie Martin and Alaina Urman, juniors, will be next year’s StuCo Senior Class representatives.

Kaeden Fellingham, Peyton Fair, Haven Myers, Elle Peterson, Lexie Tyler and Reagan Wiley, sophomores, will be next year’s Junior Class representatives.

Lastly, Alyssa DeLeon, Payton Dean, Addi Hardy, Senna McMullen, Karen Morales and Hannah Rogers, freshmen, will be next year’s Sophomore Class representatives.

From now on, each grade level will elect six representatives, and those six representatives from each class will elect among themselves a class president some time in the summer, instead of the school directly electing a class president. This is becauese StuCo felt they knew who would be most effective in a leadership position.

The deadline for turning in an application to run for a StuCo class representative was on April 27. The Freshman, Sophomore and Junior classes were all eligible to run for StuCo class representatives.

“If you want to get more experience in leadership roles, have ideas for the school or be an agent of change, StuCo is an opportunity for that,” Kayla Bevers, StuCo advisor, said about why students should run for a class representative position.

Some candidates have put up posters around the school, and a PowerPoint of all the candidates and their responses to questions about what they can do for StuCo was playing in the commons leading up to the election.

Alaina Urman, junior and candidate for Senior Class representative, ran for StuCo again because she wants to “support the school.” 

If elected, Urman said she would try to help create new events for the school. Urman did not put up posters around the school, but instead ran a social media campaign.

Bennett Junkins, junior, is one of several candidates, including Urman, running for senior class representative. 

He had not been involved in StuCo before, but he thought that StuCo “sound[ed] fun.” 

If elected, Junkins said he would try to create more fun community service opportunities and plan a “litty,” meaning amazing, prom. 

As of May 4, he planned to put up posters around the school, but was undecided.

“Bennett is a threat to all returning StuCo members,” Urman said about what she was most concerned about in the election. She is concerned about Junkins because she believes that Junkins is popular enough in the school to win.

Urman also believes that simply having a challenger creates concern for anybody that is running for re-election.