What is Jamison Phelps’ plan for his future career?

Jordan Withers, Reporter

Jamison Phelps, senior, aspires to become a successful business man and wants to major in sports marketing in college at Washburn University.

“I was inspired to go into the marketing field because of my dad. He was a business man and I wanted to follow in his footsteps,” Phelps said.

Phelps has learned many things from the activities he is in in order to have a career in the marketing field. From PCA, he has learned basic business essentials and from DECA, role play and testing information for businesses.

Phelps has also learned many things from being in an internship. “I am an internee for a friend for a company called Save Your Products. Here I manage products in a warehouse, do things through social media and run campaigns,” Phelps said.

For Phelps’ PCA Business Senior Project, he must create a board that details what he has done in PCA as well as show internships he has done and his experience in the class. Once he is finished, Phelps will present his project at Senior Symposium night on April 30.

“What I like about business/marketing is how it can impact an everyday person’s life and it is also important to the whole country,” Phelps said.

The school store has helped Phelps the most because he has been able to get a glimpse of what handling a business will be like.