What pushes Myah Sanborn to do all of her activities?


Myah Sanborn, senior, is a very active student at South; she participates in multiple clubs and classes that all require her attention and energy.

Sanborn got into most of these activities in freshman year, except for National Honor Society, or NHS, which she got into junior year.

Sanborn said that she’s very passionate about helping people and dancing, which is why the clubs she can see helping her the most in the future are theater and Falcon Service Club (FSC).

Theater gives her several opportunities to act, sing and dance, which she enjoys. FSC has given her the opportunity to reach out to students and help her school and community.

Sanborn said that one of her favorite parts of these activities is meeting new people Between FSC, theater and History Club, Sanborn has many chances to gain new acquaintances and possibly make new friends with all the people she interacts with.

As to her least favorite part of these activities, Sanborn said that she enjoys all of her activities so much that she couldn’t name a least favorite part of them.

Sanborn is a very social and active person at school and continues to do her best to help others and make them happy. She hopes to continue similar activities in the future.