How does Sandi VanMeter spend her senior year?

Maddie Black, Editor

“The best part about being a senior is making the most out of everything, because a lot of the things are the lasts of high school. It is also nice because senior’s barely have any homework, so I can enjoy my time,” said Sandi Vanmeter, senior.

She is making the most out of her senior year by being involved in choir leadership team, National Honor Society, President of Spanish club, Falcon Alliance, Senior Committee, Falcon Mentors, two choirs and Tennis. Along with taking tennis lessons and community service outside of school.

She says that the best part about being in two different choirs is that she gets to experience two different things. “A large choir and a small choir are very different, which makes it fun to be in both,” Vanmeter said.

“I stay organized by writing everything down in my planner to make sure I get everything done,” Vanmeter said.

These activities, Vanmeter said, “will prepare me for college by making me a good leader, keeping me organized, and responsible for all that  I have going on.“

When she was younger, she wanted to be a teacher, but when she got to high school she decided that she wanted to “become a doctor so I can help others and impact them,” says Vanmeter. She plans on attending Kansas State University to study pre-Medicine and to join the new physician assistant program starting in 2020.

“Some of my favorite classes have been anatomy and physiology, baking and teacher aid,” Vanemeter said.