Seniors lend advice to Junior Class

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

A lot of seniors don’t know what to expect going into senior year, and afterwards many seniors recount what they would have liked to have known going into their final year. Some of the current seniors have been willing to answer some questions about what juniors should know before they become seniors.

When asked about what he thought juniors should know, Will Henry, senior, said that they should remember they “still need credits to graduate,” and that they should work hard to pass their classes to pass.

Nate Hine, senior, said they should know that senior year is a lot easier.

Emma Ashley, senior, said that people “shouldn’t stress about what other people think of them.”

Advice from an experienced person is important to listen to, and the seniors were willing to give students some of their tips.

“Get good grades,” said Henry. “It’s simple advice, but it makes all the difference.”

Hine said that students should “apply for scholarships early. Deadlines approach before you know it.”

Ashley said that juniors should “try their best and they’ll be okay.”

When asked what she would do differently, Ashley said she would have challenged herself more. Hine, on the other hand, said he would have taken easier classes. Henry said he would have auditioned for jazz ensemble.

In reference to the ACT and the SAT, Ashley said she would focus on taking the one the school you plan on going to accepts.

Hine said that you should “worry more about it” and study for it.”

Henry said he would “take it early on so you know what you need to focus on.”

All three agreed that the best things to put on a college resume are a list of your accomplishments, a good ACT/SAT score, and a good GPA.

One thing Henry said he wished he knew about senior year was the extent of senioritis and how much it would come to affect him.

Hine and Ashley agreed that when you are looking for a college, one of the biggest things students need to look at is the cost of a college. Henry said that it is important to look for a collage with the major they want.

Henry said you should ask your collage what credits can transfer to your college. Ashley says you should ask what classes they have that pertain to the student’s major of choice.

Ashley said you should start preparing for your life after high school about half way through junior year, while Henry said that you should “start preparing as soon as you can.”

All in all, the students seemed to agree with the idea that you shouldn’t let senioritis get the best of you because you still have work to do, but now it’s in preparation for your future, no matter if it includes college or not.