Relieve stress with Color Zen


Grace Price, Managing Editor

During times of high stress, it’s a good idea to find fun ways to cope. Puzzle games are great options because they provide a fun distraction as well as a challenge to keep you occupied. If you enjoy comforting music, satisfying shapes and bright colors, Color Zen is a perfect choice. 

This abstract puzzle game presents a unique challenge with each level. The level starts with a screen covered in shapes of different colors and a solid border around the screen. The goal is to combine the shapes until the only color remaining is the one matching the border. As you get farther in the game, new mechanics are introduced. Black shapes erase a shape and white shapes absorb every color. 

While the game was originally released in 2013, it has been updated and rereleased on new consoles. You can play it on IOS, Android, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Playstation 4, a web browser, or my personal choice, a Nintendo Switch. 

With 120 levels, and some having more than one way to solve, it will keep you occupied long enough to melt away a sizable amount of stress. And the best part is, it is entirely free to play on your phone or Nintendo Switch.