The Famous Pumpkin Chai Drink Put to the Test

Peyton Walls, Reporter

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Two of the biggest drive-through coffee places around Olathe are judged based on a popular fall drink, the chai tea with pumpkin syrup and pumpkin foam.

Ordering through a drive-through or to a person can be nerve-racking, but Starbucks has an easy way to order online. Their website is very simple to use, I started out by picking the location then it took me to their menu. Once I clicked on everything that I wanted and made sure all the customizations were correct, I filled out my card information and then the website gave me the time it would be ready. 

Trying to navigate the scooter’s website was confusing. When you click on the drink it gives you no options to customize. It says you can but when I was looking I was not able to do any customizing and it didn’t give me any prices online. 

The drink I ordered was a chai tea latte with two pumps of pumpkin syrup and pumpkin foam. At Both places I got a medium size and the prices were very similar. At Starbucks it was $7.68, but at scooters it was $6.79.

The drink from Starbucks was like Fall in a cup. Very aesthetically pleasing with the ombre of light oranges and browns. The pumpkin flavor is a nice contrast to the chai, although the pumpkin was quite strong.

The price of this drink was a lot more than the normal iced chai tea latte. The price for the regular chai latte is $4.95 compared to the $7.68 the pumpkin drink costs. The two pumpkin shots were 80 cents and the pumpkin foam was $1.25. 

When having the scooters drink there was a lot more chai than pumpkin. It was pretty good, but if you’re looking for a pumpkin drink Starbucks is the way to go. 

The drink had hints of pumpkin, but was not as aesthetically pleasing. The pumpkin foam at both places is very similar, they taste the same and are both a light orange color. 

The price of Scooters pumpkin iced chai was almost double the price of just a plain iced chai tea. A regular chai is $3.95, the pumpkin chai was $6.79. The pumpkin foam was an additional $1.50.

At both stores I don’t think I would be able to drink more than a medium size because it is very rich, and having all the mixes of flavor makes it so the drink is a lot to handle for just a medium size. It is a great seasonal drink to have available, but I don’t think it will be my new fall drink.

People should really only have this option if they like pumpkin. If they don’t, then I would not recommend getting this.

Starbucks has the better drink, not only because of how easy the website was to navigate, but the pumpkin flavor mixed with the chai a lot better than the Scooters drink did. Although, the seasonal pumpkin add-ins are amazing at both places.