Eyrie Kitchen: Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts


Abby Wallace, Reporter

With fall being here and these unfortunate times, many of the fun fall activities that everyone used to do aren’t as much of an option. Going to the pumpkin patch and buying hot cider and apple cider doughnuts were my favorite things to do. Now that many places are closed or have new rules, making apple cider doughnuts at home was just as fun. I however did not have a doughnut tin so I made muffins instead but they were just as good. The whole experience making them really just brightened my day because it reminded me of my childhood. The smells of cinnamon and apple cider roaming through the house made it feel like I was at the pumpkin patch especially since it was windy and the windows were open. It was a fairly simple recipe to make but if I were to do it again instead of putting butter on top and then adding the cinnamon sugar mixture, I would put apple cider on top and then add the mixture. These treats whether you do them as muffins or doughnuts just make it feel like it’s fall. So go sit down with your muffins or doughnuts and watch a fun Halloween or fall movie with your family.

Recipe Source: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1019593-baked-apple-cider-doughnuts