Homecoming hacks: fun tips and tricks for night out

Willow Vaughn, Reporter

There are many thoughts running through peoples’ minds on Homecoming night, and some of the small things may slip through the cracks. However, there are several tips and tricks that may come in handy that may save the night from disaster.

Making a mess of the fancy outfits at dinner is a possibility that many fear. Spilling food or drink on your clothes isn’t a problem if you eat before you get dressed. Speaking of eating, it would be easier, faster, and less risky to order take-out food and eat with your friends before you get ready.

While you may be thinking dessert right after dinner, another idea is to save it for after the dance, so you don’t feel too full at the dance, and so you can have dinner after the dance end and still keep the party going after the doors to the school close.

Besides stains and spills, clothes can still be a problem; rips, tears, incorrect sizing, and malfunctions can always come in to play. In case of any wardrobe malfunctions, bring bobby pins and safety pins for a temporary fix. Another, more comfortable, outfit hack is bringing a pair of shoes that will be more comfortable to dance in.

Make up, which has a history of fading, can be put in it’s place with primer and setting spray. Remember to bring your lipstick in your bag for touch-ups that might need to be performed later.

On the subject of comfort, another idea is to, instead of wearing a heavy, itchy corsage, bring your date a bouquet, which will last longer.

An option to cut costs is to carpool with friends, saving gas money and creating less pollution, not to mention giving you a chance to spend some time joking with your friends.

Another idea to save costs may also be a favorite choice of introverts and homebodies: stay at home and do something. Not everyone is a fan of fancy clothes and dancing, so to celebrate homecoming they might prefer having a game night with friends or a date with their significant other.

Remember to stay safe and hydrated, so bring water to the dance in case it gets too hot in the building, and watch out for any problematic situations that could get you in trouble.