Staff ‘slice up’ favorite pizza places


Papa Keno’s: By Evan Kauffman

Papa Keno’s in downtown Overland Park is a corner shop pizzeria that serves a large variety of pizza.

Keno’s pizza sizes are 14 inches, 18 inches and 26 inches.

In addition, pizza can also be ordered by the slice, and the slices  are massive.

Their menu includes a large variety of toppings to put on the pizza, anywhere from grilled chicken to broccoli.

The pizza I ordered was a slice of pizza with bacon, chicken and spinach. It was very good, cooked well with just the right amount of sauce and toppings. I also had an order of breadsticks.

My total ended up being a little more than $8.

The restaurant itself has a relaxed, college town-type feel to it.

Outside seating is available as well as fairly fast service.

I got my pizza in roughly six or seven minutes.

Papa Keno’s Pizzeria has online ordering, so your favorite pizza can also be picked up.

Pizza Street: By Christian Cortes

Pizza, pasta and arcade games. What else could you ask for?

Pizza Street is a buffet restaurant on 2018 E. Santa Fe St. that offers food and games for the whole family.

For just $5.49, clients will be able to eat as much pizza as they want.

Pizza Street offers the basic types of pizza (Hawaiian, ham, meat, veggie, pepperoni and cheese) and a few choices of pasta (penne, fettuccine and macaroni and cheese.)

The place also has a game room with a few arcade machines and an air hockey table.

Although the pizza quality is nothing special (pizza slices are small and a little bit too greasy), the extra entertainment the arcade room offers and the additional menu options make up for it. If it’s quantity that’s important to you, Pizza Street is the place to go.

Marco’s Pizza: Jamie Pellikaan

Ever wanted a night filled with pizza and movies?

Such a night is possible from Marco’s Pizza, located at 12708 S. Black Bob Rd.

Owned by the same company as Family Video, Marco’s Pizza has numerous specials that include a pizza with a free movie.

A customer can order online, on the phone, or at the store. They offer carry-out or delivery.

The pizza itself was satisfactory to sate a pizza craving; however, if a person is looking for a gourmet slice, he should not consider Marco’s.

I ordered two large cheese pizzas for $19.  The ingredients were fresh, but the sauce left something to be desired.

Service is very friendly and helpful, and the menu offers diverse choices and extra items, including chicken and cinnamon rolls.

Overall, Marco’s Pizza is the perfect place to order from for a casual night in.