Royals offense displays power

Jacob McKay, Reporter

The Royals have picked up where they left off. The team made its first appearance in the postseason since 1985 World Series.

Like the 1985 team, the Royals made it to the Series last fall, but lost to the Giants in seven games. The Royals began the season as the last undefeated team in baseball, going 7-0 right out of the gate.

The early season has been highlighted by the obvious contempt that the Oakland A’s and Kansas City Royals have for each other.

The aggression really began with A’s third basemen Brett Lawrie’s slide into the legs of Alcides Escobar at second base in the first game of the series. Lawrie was hit by a pitch in last Saturday’s game by Yordano Ventura, and then thrown behind by Kelvin Herrera in the Sunday game. Ventura was fined and Herrera was given a five-game suspension, with the appeal still pending.

The Royals were involved in a bench-clearing brawl on April 23, resulting in seven suspensions. Herrera and outfielder Lorenzo Cain each received a two game suspension. Pitcher Edinson Volquez received a 5 game ban and Ventura received 7.

It feels as if the rest of the league wants to put the Royals back in their place as a bottom feeder in the league that is rarely a threat to even sniff the playoffs.

This team has shown resilience despite the hostility from the rest of the league. Solid play at every position and strong offensive play overall. It may not be a surprise when we see this team in the postseason come October.