World Cup 2022

Peyton Walls, Reporter

The world cup is the biggest event and post-games in the world. Soccer to us but otherwise known as football, is played across the world and is one of the biggest sports. 

Teams have to qualify to be able to play, and there are only 32 teams that can qualify. There are six different levels of play: the group stage, where the top two teams out of four in the group move on; round 16 which is a make-or-break round; if you lose you’re out; quarter-finals where eight teams will play and the top four move on; semifinals top two will move on; third place final; and the finals. After the group stage, the team that loses is out, and the team that wins advances to the next round.

The world cup being played every four years means that when the cup is played, it is huge. Having your country qualify can be the best experience because of all the watch parties and celebrating if your team wins, but with that comes the sadness if your team loses. 

“I usually have a watch party with my friends and we watch the game and eat food,” Diego Dinniny said.

The United States didn’t qualify for the cup four years ago, so we haven’t placed in the cup in eight years. 

“It would be a great opportunity for us to become one of the better teams in the future,” Sophia Chafin said.

Everyone has their favorite team and player in any sport they like. Your favorite player doesn’t necessarily have to be playing for your favorite team, but for Chafinand Dinniny, their favorite players are on their favorite team. 

“My favorite team is Argentina and my favorite player is Messi,” said Dinneny. 

“My favorite team is Brazil and my favorite player is Namar,” said Chafin.

The group stage ended on December second and that is when Round 16 began. The finals will be held on December eighteenth.

When you look up the world cup it will take you to a page that shows you game times, teams, and all the dates the games will be played. You can also watch the cup on Fox Sports, (the app or website) and Peacock. The world cup is usually played in June and July, but due to the weather in Qatar, FIFA made the executive decision of making the cup be played in November and December.

There has been a lot of controversy over the fact that FIFA let the World Cup be played in Qatar. 

According to the Montclair State University online newspaper, there has been controversy partly because there have reportedly been 6,500 migrant workers that have died while building the fields for the tournament. The country also has a history of discrimination towards women and LGBTQ+ people. This article is called “Study Examines Qatar World Cup Controversy and Boycott” it was posted in Communication and Media, Press Releases, Research, Uncategorized.

Many people have decided not to watch the world cup because of this. 

“I think people should be in support of their country no matter what’s going on,” Hannah Rosesgen said. “I agree that it is bad with what Qatar has done, but it makes it seem like [people who don’t watch]  aren’t in support of their country.” 

Even though FIFA decided to continue the tournament in Qatar, supporting your team is one of the biggest parts of any game, especially in this big of a tournament. Having a team to watch and support is one of the things that makes watching and keeping up with sports fun and entertaining. 

The US is now out of the tournament but that does not mean we can’t support other teams.