Football Themes are Terrible This Year



Football game against Shawnee Mission Northwest on 10/7.

Abby Wallace, Managing Editor

Students look forward to football season for many reasons. The players look forward to playing, football fans look forward to watching the game, and the student section looks forward to dressing up for the fun themes. However, this year’s themes compared to last year have been boring.

 “I think a big part of the game is having a fun time dressing up and seeing everybody in their outfits. Last year had more variety and better themes and this year it was more just solid colors,” junior Avery Mullins said.

The away games this year have been far, so getting a big student section is going to require fun themes, but that’s not what the students have been getting. Students are already driving far out just to dress in a solid color.

 “I think if the themes were better students would be more excited to participate in the theme and make the drive,” junior Bella Schowalter said.

This year the school has done USA out, gold out, black out, blue out, white out, what was supposed to be tropical out but was changed to groutfit, pink out, and neon out. That is six out of eight games with solid color themes. It begins to get repetitive and boring to look at. Having fun themes with more variety allows students to get more creative with their outfits. Solid colors limit the fun students have dressing up.

 “I think people would have more fun in general getting ready for the game and showing off their outfits and seeing everybody else’s. It’s harder to put fun outfits together when it’s just a solid color and it’s less interesting,” Mullins said.

Changing tropical out to groutfit had to be one of the worst decisions to make. The reasoning for the change was because it would be too cold for tropical out. The issue isn’t changing tropical out, but it’s changing it to be a boring and depressing looking theme that makes people not want to go to the games. There were other themes that would have worked for the weather and been fun for students as well. For example, Blue Valley Northwest changed their theme to PJ out. That kept students warm and there were more ways they could dress up rather than wearing all gray.

“I think they could have used dad out or a different theme that could have kept students warm instead of just changing it to gray,” Mullins said.

In order to keep the name of having “the best student section” then the themes chosen are going to need to be better. No one wants to wear a solid color for six games in a row. Boring themes make people not want to go or make them want to leave games early. The team deserves to have a large excited student section. The students deserve a chance to be creative with their outfits. Give them better themes so the section can be big and loud for every game.

 “I think students would feel more proud and confident to be louder because they like their outfit and again they would be more likely to make the drive to away games,” Schowalter said.