Societal pressures regarding school dances are unfair

Morgan Montgomery, Editor-In-Chief

When a person thinks about prom, they think about the pretty dresses, the prom court, the promposals. The gorgeous girls with their hair and makeup done, the slow dances, the after parties. If you notice, there’s something missing. What about the men? Prom is a woman’s dance, as are really all school dances. There is a wild stereotype when it comes to school dances, especially prom; it’s for the girls. 

Promposals are cute, they tend to be over the top and a rather grand gesture. But it’s always guys ask girls. It isn’t often one sees a girl making a big, grand promposal to a guy. Women fight for independence and they want equality but yet they don’t, and most won’t, make the first move. There are stereotypes and double standards when it comes to really anything relationship wise. 

It always tends to be the guys make the first move. Point blank period. A girl wants a guy to sweep her off her feet, but why can’t they do the same for guys? They deserve the same amount of sappy romance that girls do, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. 

A lot of women fight to be independent, strong, heard, and acknowledged yet they refuse to make the first move. It isn’t fair and, really, puts a strain and extra societal pressure on men. Men have the same standards and pressure as women do but in different ways. 

Men are taught to be macho and to never let their emotions show, whereas women are taught that it’s okay to be sappy, as they’re women and, therefore, more emotional. This is an extremely unhealthy view, as everyone deserves to be able to express themselves. Men hiding their emotions can lead to multiple mental health issues. They suppress their emotions, which could lead to depression and anxiety. Not only does it cause problems within themselves, it can also affect their relationships, romantic or platonic. When you don’t express how you’re feeling, it takes a toll on the relationship. 

On the topic of social norms, what about same sex couples? One rarely sees a big promposal with two girls or with two guys. It would catch some flack, as people still, even in 2022, have a hard time accepting same sex couples. It should absolutely be a norm for everyone to ask everyone. Guys ask girls, girls ask guys, guys ask guys, girls ask girls, and even non-binary people should be able to create and present promposals or be able to ask and be asked to any dance or event. There shouldn’t be a set of rules to be followed when it comes to who’s dating who and who is asking who.