All about the differences in the Cinderella movies


Brooke Burbidge, Reporter

Cinderella is a famous Disney franchise whether you’re walking onto Main Street U.S.A. and watching the Disney Channel you are bound to bump into something related to these movies and mini tv series. On Disney+ you can watch many different movies related to this one story. The original Disney Cinderella movie was released on February 15, 1950. Walt Disney and his administrators worked on this movie back in 1948 and after 2 years of production it was released. In 1950 Cinderella made $182 million in the box office with their budget being $2.2 million. Now let’s take a dive into this tale. 


The original animated Cinderella movie is about a young girl named Ella who is living with her dad after her mom passes away. A few years down the road her dad marries her step mother, voiced by Eleanor Audley, and they move in with them. Her dad eventually dies in a tragic accident and she is left living with her step mother and her step sisters who are awful to her. They pick on her, tease her, and make her do all the household chores and work. Her family gets invited to a ball but her stepmother doesn’t let her go and rips up her dress she made herself. Feeling bad, a Fairy Godmother helps her find her way making her a dress better than the one before. That is until she goes to the ball, leaves her glass slipper. Her fairy godmother granted her and marries the prince in the end. Leaving her jealous stepsisters and stepmother jealous of her.  


The second movie is “Cinderella 2: dreams come true.” This movie is about Cinderella’s life after she marries Prince Charming and moves into her castle. This animated movie stars many voice actresses including Jennifer Hale as Cinderella, Christopher Daniel Barnes as Prince charming, and Corey Burton as the mouse Gus. In this movie, the mice in the castle put together a new story book filled with princess Cinderella’s adventures as she learns to live in the royal eye. Fairy Godmother played by Russi Taylor is helping the mice put the book together while the mice color the pages. This movie is a great way to see what happens after Cinderella becomes royalty. 

Cinderella 3: a Twist in Time, Cinderella’s stepmother strikes again after stealing the fairy Godmother’s wand and turning back time she uses the magic to erase the prince’s memory, destroying Cinderella’s happily ever after. The mice helping Cinderella correct the alteration her step mother made, they win in the end and all turned back to normal. 

Cinderella was reimagined in 2015 and brought to life through a live action approach this time. This Disney fan favorite is exactly like the original just with a new set, meant to look like a 1880 royal castle castle. In the new Cinderella, the animals and mood is less whimsical and they don’t have many random singing moments. Cinderella is played by Lily James and Prince Charming is played by Richard Madden. 

Many Cinderella spin offs have been created. “Another Cinderella Story,” starring Selena Gomez, “Another Cinderella story: Once Upon a Song,” starring Lucy Hale. All these movies show people about kindness and hope. Over and over you see people pushing Cinderella and still she continues strong and using grit, still getting the happily ever after and wins. The original animated Cinderella, Cinderella 1, Cinderella 2, and Cinderella 3, are all able to be accessed on Disney plus.