Comets VP emphasizes importance of professional resume in job hunt

Brandon Oldberg, Reporter

PCA recently featured a guest speaker for the business strand.

Scott Levinson, vice president of business operations for the Comets and the KCFC women’s soccer team came on Feb. 18 to help students understand the importance of a good-looking resume and how a good-looking resume can significantly set applicants apart from the competition.

“I think it is important for kids to be involved in business; it’s really important,” Cindy O’Brien, PCA sponsor, said.

He talked about how to diversify it in meaningful ways, like community service or high personal achievement. Without those things, he said that resumes are not eye-catching.

“He told us that to really have a good life later on that right now we need to get involved in things in school,” Niko Hernandez, sophomore, said.

Levinson said that the diversification of resumes is paramount to getting job interviews and callbacks. He said this was important because in the current economy many people may be vying for the same position in a business.

“I think that what he said opened the eyes of a lot of students to take education a lot more seriously because it will affect us so heavily later in life,” Drew Wright, senior, said.

Levinson stated that he wanted students to take their involvement in school activities to the next level and also that he wanted those same students to be active in the community in addition to all academic activities.

The next speaker for PCA will present on March 26. Every strand has speakers scheduled different month. The strands are science, law, business, communication and social science.