How people feel about the new start at 7:50 – Why so early?

Riley Story, Reporter

Our school day now starts at 7:50am due to lack of school hours and an excessive amount of snow days. Some are not too fond of it. It may affect more people than you think. 

“I’ve been to school late a couple of times, it feels like a big inconvenience,” Kate Wilson said.


Kids come to school late, they don’t get enough sleep, and they are not efficient throughout the school day. Many have even said the days seem so much longer than normal. 

“The days seem like they drag on forever,” Wilson said. 


Everyone is so much more tired and they don’t feel like they have enough time and energy in the morning to do anything or be productive. 

“It’s difficult because I have to leave so much sooner, we have to be up at the right time or it’ll make everyone late and mess up the whole day,” Morgan Fisher said. 


When school starts earlier you can’t always do what you would normally need to do in the mornings on a normal 8am start. 

“I have less time to wake up and eat breakfast,” Serenity Bishop said. 


Getting up early can lead to forgetting things, not getting enough sleep, falling asleep in classes, not wanting to do any school work because you are so tired and not paying attention. 

“I will also forget things to pack in my backpack. For example; my charger.


Even though there is school breakfast provided for us in the mornings, many don’t prefer that and would rather eat breakfast at home. When you get to school, most around 7:30am, you only have 20 minutes to do anything, like interact with friends, and maybe you need to turn things in or do homework. Ten minutes is a long time. We need that extra ten in the mornings. 

“I have less time to be on my phone before the bell rings,” Genevieve Bridges says. 


We could have just added more days to the end of the year or added ten minutes to the end of the day.

“It would’ve been much easier on students if days at the end of the school year were added,” Wilson says.