NFL Trades and Implications On Teams


Gavin McAferty, Reporter

During every NFL offseason, there are always numerous trades. The trades this year have been much more captivating than usual. All sorts of stars have been traded, most of which you wouldn’t expect. During this article, I’m going to recap the most important three and provide what can be expected from the teams involved in the trades.

Possibly the biggest trade of the offseason was Russell Wilson going to the Denver Broncos. It had been reported that he was unhappy in Seattle for quite some time now, being unsatisfied with his involvement and say in the game plan. He was capable of waiving his no-trade clause which means he has a say in where he gets traded to; out of the three teams that attempted to trade for Wilson, he only accepted the Denver Broncos. The Broncos sent Quarterback Drew Lock, Defensive Lineman Shelby Harris, Tight End Noah Fant, two first round picks, and two second round picks. While obviously getting a huge haul, Russell Wilson is still relatively young for a quarterback and playing at a high level. Wilson will join a Broncos team led by new head coach Nathaniel Hackett. The team’s offense includes wide receivers Jerry Jeudy, Courtland Sutton, Tim Patrick and KJ Hamler, tight end Albert Okwuegbunam and running back Javonte Williams. With the addition of Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos odds to win the Super Bowl improved from 25-1 to 12-1 at Caesars Sportsbook based out of Las Vegas. The Seattle Seahawks appear to be in rebuild mode with this trade, don’t expect much out of them next season.

Within the same division, the Kansas City Chiefs also made a trade that impacts their offense heavily. Within the same day that Tyreek Hill became disgruntled with the team’s unwillingness to pay him, he was also traded. The Chiefs fielded trades from the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins and accepted both, meaning that it was up to Hill to decide where he goes. Hill told reporters his choice of destination was always going to be Miami no matter what. Where he feels at home and believes the Dolphins are committed to contending. This acquisition has got to be exciting for new Dolphins’ Head Coach, Mike McDaniel, who stated that there is “no ceiling on ways to use Tyreek Hill.” In addition to an offense including speedy versatile wideout Jaylen Waddle. If Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is able to play at a high level the Miami Dolphins will be scary. As for the Kansas City Chiefs, although they got a haul of picks, they will need to hit on one of them. But their odds to win the Super Bowl remain intact Kansas City’s odds to win the Super Bowl inched up from 8-1 to 9-1 according to Caesars Sportsbook.

The most surprising and interesting trade to me was the trade made for Deshaun Watson. It’s unbelievable that Watson had a market amidst his legal and off the field issues. The last two seasons he has been dealing with accusations of sexual assault from various women and gone to trial for them. Although his name was cleared in court, the NFL is still looking into it. Regardless, three NFL teams offered monstrous trades for Watson and he was granted to choose where he goes. The teams were the Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, and New Orleans Saints. After informing the Browns that they were out of the race, it appeared it would come down to the Falcons and Saints. That was until the Browns swooped in and offered an offer that Watson could not turn down. A five year-$230 million dollar contract, all guaranteed. Meaning he gets paid whether he plays or not, which was important to Watson. This is a selfish move that will screw over the Browns if anything prevents Watson from playing. I don’t think it was necessary and he hasn’t touched the field in a year so who’s to say he will still play at a high level. He was never really regarded as a top five quarterback either. Questionable move by Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and the Browns front office. It looks great on the opposing side of the trade though, the Texans may have found a replacement in Quarterback Davis Mills and have the picks to build around him. Very excited to see how the Mills lead Texans do next season.