March madness:

Sports staff takes turn at Final Four prediction

Max Stoneking, Jake Anderson, and

Kentucky will cut down net in Indy

by Max Stoneking

The current college basketball season has been dominated by one team: The Kentucky Wildcats.

Kentucky, who has cruised through the majority of their schedule despite a few close games, is almost guaranteed a number one seed in the NCAA tournament.

Duke, Virginia and Villanova should acquire the other three number one seeds, making it tough for any other team to pull of an early tournament upset.

No matter the seeding, the tournament is going to be controlled by Kentucky. To win the title, any team will have to go through the undefeated Wildcats, no matter if it is in the round of 64 or the national final.

However, Kentucky is not completely invulnerable. Gonzaga and Villanova have a chance. They are both big and quick on both sides of the floor. Villanova more so than Gonzaga.

Teams that have multiple big men and good shooters have been able to hang with Kentucky this season. Additionally, with a nearly perfectly played basketball game, Wisconsin has the size to pull off the upset. The Badgers have player of the year candidate Frank Kaminsky, who is a threat in the paint and beyond the arch.

Sleeper teams are always an exciting part of the tournament. Maryland has quietly built a solid resume this season, picking up wins over Wisconsin and Iowa State. They could surprise some by making a run all of the way to the Elite Eight.

Louisville, another possible sleeper, has not had the best season, but Coach Rick Pitino always has his teams primed and ready for the NCAA tournament. As a four or five seed, they could potentially spoil the hopes of some higher seeded teams. Final Four: Kentucky, Villanova, Wisconsin and Duke

Cinderella teams can’t be ruled out

by Jake Anderson

There are always upsets in college basketball. Kentucky needs to be upset or they will be champions once again. But who can do it?

Right now it’s hard to tell. Kentucky is fortunate enough to have two starting five squads. The five in, five out method makes them stronger than a handful of NBA teams.

They won’t go down without a fight from all 10 of their players.

Also, nobody can talk about the NCAA Tournament without mentioning the Cinderella teams like Florida Gulf Coast or Mercer or Southern Methodist University. Teams that are never expected to rise to the occasion, but they do.

The field is pretty strong this year. Kentucky has a giant target on there back and soon, 63 other teams will be looking to take them out at some point.

Wisconsin is a very strong team with their player of the year candidate, Frank Kaminsky.

Also, Duke will be a strong contender this year. Despite their loss to Mercer last year, Duke is always prepared for the tournament. That game just shows that anything can happen.

Local teams like Kansas and Wichita State will be strong contenders this year as well.

Wichita State seems to have a streak of doing well and Kansas is a school with a history of success in the post- season.

It’s safe to say that most people believe that Kentucky will win it all. Whether or not they say it out loud, it is definitely a thought in everyone’s head.

To beat Kentucky, a team is going to have to have all hands on deck, playing perfect basketball.  Final Four: Kentucky, Wisconsin, Villanova, Wichita State

Kentucky has all time great team

by Jacob McKay

Kentucky is going to win it all. This story could end here, and it would not make any difference.

None of the other teams who will be named to this year’s NCAA tournament field are even that relevant.

As the only team to go undefeated this season, Kentucky has totally dominated every other opponent.

They boast a taller roster than anyone in college basketball and all but one NBA team; 90 percent of their roster will play in the NBA.

They play a platoon system, subbing in five players at a time, and at least 3 of those players are NBA lottery picks.

To beat this team, which could go down as one of the greatest team of all time, a team would have to put together a near perfect game.

Depending on seeding,  only three teams are capable of beating Kentucky on their road to a national title.

Villanova plays incredible defense, a great shooting team with great guard play and enough rebounding to win.

Wisconsin has a chance because of how massive that team is with consistent shooting at every position and possible Wooden Award winner Frank Kaminsky at center.

The third team is an unknown who takes Kentucky completely by surprise, a team who has nothing to lose and plays with absolute unrestricted freedom, a team that can make everything they shoot.

To beat Kentucky, any team will have to catch them on their worst day, and that team will have to be at their best.

Look for a mid major team in the early rounds to give Kentucky a scare.  Final Four: Kentucky, Virginia, Duke, Arizona