Group of teachers takes charge in supporting “Kick Cancer Like a Girlboss” fundraiser


photo courtesy of Aly Arenholz

Mr. Cook (right) wore his brand new converse to show Aly (left) his support

Mya Roberts, Reporter

if you would like to donate to Aly’s fundraiser, “Kick Cancer Like a Girlboss”, click the link below:

Teachers are coming together to help raise awareness of Aly Arenholz’s fundraiser. Nic Cook is working with a group of teachers to get things rolling.

Mrs. Plankers is helping me with logistics along with the librarian Mrs. Brown.  I think Mr. Schwarz is going to interview Aly and get info on the announcements,” Cook said.

Cook and his team of teachers have come up with many fundraisers starting after spring break, that students can donate to and help raise money for Aly. One of the first fundraisers is donating money to have your favorite teacher get pied in the face at the upcoming pep assembly.

“We will start a campaign to have kids vote for their favorite teacher, who at the April 1 pep assembly, will get a pie in the face from Aly herself.  $1 = 1 vote, kids and staff can stuff the ballot box, but it will just cost you more $$$$,” Cook said.

The second fundraiser is donating a certain amount of money to wear your converse in support of Aly.

“Also on April 1, kids and staff will donate $1 to wear their Converse in support of ‘Kick Cancer Like a Girlboss,’” Cook said.

The third fundraiser is going to be a silent auction for staff on April 1.

“An example of this would be for a staff member to create an item for others to bid on and the winner of the auction will receive that item and the money will go to Aly’s charity,” Cook said.

In the library, Mrs. Brown is also helping to spread the message about Aly and her fundraiser.

In the library, we made the paper converse shoe cutouts that students will be seeing in classrooms and around school,” Brown said. “We will also have a collection bucket in the library for students to use to donate money and vote for the teacher they would like to see get a pie in his/her face.”

Mr. Schwarz and his Falcon Fim students were super happy to help and will be making a video with two purposes to show the school.

“One, to share Aly’s story as a source of inspiration,” Schwarz said. “Secondly, to spread the word about the fundraiser so more students will be involved.”

The teachers at Olathe South love the school and their students and are very proud that we are helping Aly and her fundraiser. Some have even bought themselves brand new converse to show their support.

“Aly’s strength and generosity are something worth celebrating and supporting. Her actions are a reminder of how much good a community can do when we all work together. I’m proud that Olathe South is helping Kick Cancer Like a Girlboss!” Brown said.