Aly Arenholz’s struggle with thyroid cancer


photo courtesy of Aly Arenholz

Aly Arenholz after her thyroid removal surgery

Mya Roberts, Reporter

if you would like to donate to Aly’s fundraiser, “Kick Cancer Like a Girlboss”, click the link

Aly Arenholz got diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in December of 2021. She was 15 years old. Arenholz had many worries when she first found out.

Whenever I first found out I was terrified, I was scared I was gonna lose my hair and how much this would affect my friends,” Arenholz said.

Arenholz loved her nurses and really appreciated everything they did for her. 

“The doctors were so sweet and caring, they explained to me that my surgeon was the best of the best in the KC area and has done more thyroid removals than any other doctor in the area,” Arenholz said. “It was extremely reassuring.”

Her doctors, family members, and friends’ support and positivity really helped Arenholz get through this journey.

“The doctors keeping me updated with everything and all of my friends’ support and positivity. I was able to keep up hope because of my friends and family.” Arenholz said.

Arenholz loves converse and when a family friend donated $450, she came up with an idea to make others smile.

“I started the fundraiser about 3 weeks ago, around Feb. 7 because I got a $450 check from one of my parents’ friends. I had no idea what I wanted to do with the money, so I bought myself a new pair of converse and decided I wanted to donate converse to other kids with chronic illnesses because who wouldn’t love a new pair of shoes, especially when times are already super tough,” Arenholz stated.

This fundraiser is called Kick Cancer Like a Girlboss and Arenholz is promoting it in any way that she can.

“Some ways I’m promoting my fundraiser is on social media like Facebook and Instagram. I also have shared with my teachers at school and they’re helping to raise money and spread it around the school as well,” Arenholz said.

Even though Arenholz herself struggles with a disease, she is doing everything that she can to inspire others with her story and help make others who are struggling with diseases smile.

“I enjoy sharing my story, hoping it can inspire other people to do good things also. I love seeing people happy and helping others, it makes me super happy,” Arenholz said.