Active Shooter Incident at Olathe East High School

Active Shooter Incident at Olathe East High School

Sydney Slaton, Reporter

Friday morning a student opened fire in the front office area of Olathe East High School, injured in the shooting were the student resource officer, an admin, along with the shooter themself, this incident marking the twelfth  shooting in 2022 alone.

At 10:41 am, just after shots were reported at 10:30, emergency services received a call about a shooting that took place at 14545 W 127th Street — Olathe East High School. The call was placed by the school’s S.R.O. who told operators that he was shot and injured along with an administrator and the shooter. The injured were sent to Overland Park Regional Medical Center, the hospital said that one is in critical condition, another is critical but stable and another is stable. They are not releasing any details on who is a victim or who is the shooter at this time. 

Shortly after the call was placed, the school went on lock down. Updates on the situation were posted immediately on Twitter, where the district and police assure parents and students of their safety. 

“Olathe East is currently under lock down due to an active shooting situation on campus,” the district said in a tweet. “Please know that law enforcement is on site and the building is secured. Olathe East and surrounding school buildings have been secured.”

After about 30 minutes, the school set the closed Family Video store as the relocation site, and Frontier Park was set as the overflow location where parents could pick up their children if there wasn’t enough space at the original location. Later, the school told the community that students who walk home or are driven by their parents will be taken to California Trail Middle School. The students that ride the bus will arrive home via buses coming from Pioneer Trail Middle School, special education students will be bussed home from the high school itself. And finally, students that drive themselves will be released at different times and are to be escorted to their cars. 

Officials are praising the student resource officer who defended the school and made the 911 call. Sgt. Joel Yeldell spoke on the subject expressing his gratitude that the injuries seem minor and beaming about the officer at the school. 

“The good news is that no students were injured,” Yeldell said according to My Journal Courier. “We have an SRO it sounds like he did his job so that’s great news and the injuries are expected to be survivable.” 

Gov. Laura Kelly issued a statement today giving support and assuring citizens that the situation is under control

“Our thoughts are with the entire Olathe East High School community today. We are closely monitoring the situation on the ground & are in communication with law enforcement,” Kelly said.