Why did girls wrestlers not get medals?


Nicole Redmond during a wrestling match

Allyson Hester, Reporter

Girls Wrestling is a sport consisting of playing one on one matches and earning points through the different positions you trap your opponent in. There are not only positions but you can also get points for doing different moves during the match. While you do have a team, the sport is more individually based.

 “It’s still fun to have your team there to support you,” girls wrestler Nicole Redmond said. As she mentions she likes having her team to support her she also shares what led her to start wrestling. 

“My brother wrestles, and I just got inspired by him,” Redmond said. 

She was also inspired because she grew up being the only girl on her wrestling team so that made her want to show other girls it was possible. 

“When a female is in a boy sport it shows that girls can do those things,” Redmond said. And she continued to stay with the sport to “have an impact on showing a girl can do a boy sport.” 

The girls wrestling team won some medals at the league tournament but were not officially given medals, nor did they get the podium or bracket. 

“We were handed an envelope that basically tells us we won,” Redmond said. 

In the past tournaments they did receive medals but for some reason were not handed any from this tournament, while the boys did get the medals, brackets, and podium. The wrestlers did not accept just the paper so they “kinda had to fight for getting recognized” Redmond said. 

She also mentioned how in this sport boys get recognized for everything so she feels like she and the rest of the girl’s team have to fight for the medals even though they rightfully won them.