Top 10 Funniest Valentines Gifts

Riley Story, Reporter

Valentine’s day is a holiday of love and to cherish your significant other, but some may take it not as seriously as others. Here are the top 10 funniest Valentine’s day gifts in 2022. 


Starting at Number 10: Emergency stash of candy, for the bad days where you just need something to cheer you up.

Number 9: Socks or clothing with your face on it for your S.O. just for the fun of it. 

Number 8: Valentines day poster board with candy to say a little message 

Number 7: Salami Bouquet, instead of flowers or in addition to. 

Number 6: Love themed food pun coasters, or if you really want, put your face on it.

Number 5: “World’s okayest valentine” t-shirt. 

Number 4: “If you can read this…” socks.

Number 3: If you want to be a little creative, try and make pizza in a heart shape. 

Number 2: An actual human heart plush or pillow, to add a whole new meaning to giving someone your heart.

Finally at Number 1: Diamond ring or should I say dime-in-ring. A ring that holds a dime in it.


These gifts are pretty good considering they’re not as serious. Some people may not take it as seriously as some and I think that’s the fun of it.