Gov. Brownack backhands LGBT+ community

Lexi Nelson, Reporter

Gov. Sam Brownback, first elected governor in November 2010, is fairly infamous for striking controversy with his radical political views and executive decisions for the state of Kansas. Just recently, Brownback repealed protected state-employment status for members of the LGBT+ community. This action, as many past decisions made by Brownback, is ignorant, uneducated and out-right unethical.

It’s not a surprise Brownback would unload this blow on LGBT+ people considering his inconceivably archaic viewpoints on any controversial social issue. To call this governor a social conservative would almost be an understatement.

While serving as Kansas’s U.S. senator, Brownback cast a number of questionable votes, such as amending the Constitution to define “traditional marriage” in 2008 or voting “no” on a bill that aimed to put money toward reducing teen pregnancy in 2005. He also asked Congress in 2007 to “ban gay marriage” because he believed it was a “vast social experiment.”

Now, I have to hand it to the governor. His justification for revoking the rights of these state workers is almost believable. He stated the executive order, previously signed by former Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to prevent discrimination based on an employee’s sexual orientation, created “additional protected classes,” completely disregarding the fact that the original goal of the order was to do just that.

In order for there to be equal opportunity for all when it comes to employment, there need to be laws set in place that abolish firing someone based on their sexuality, just like there are laws abolishing discrimination based on race or gender. Without these laws, the only protected class in existence would be that of able-bodied, straight white men. The executive order to repeal this bill is not only outrageous, but has made a mockery of the entire state of Kansas.

Brownback has been scrutinized on multiple national television shows for his actions as governor. He’s been criticized extensively on shows like “Real Time with Bill Maher” and on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” where a report by Jessica Williams addressed all the extreme economic failures of Brownback’s tenure.

Because of this man’s radical choices, Kansas has become a laughing stock to the rest of the United States.

My advice to our governor would be simply to step out of the dark ages and into the modern world.

Homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, transgender people and the rest of the LGBT+ spectrum are far from a “protected class.”

With literally thousands of years of hate and discrimination directed toward them, it might just be the least we can do to allow them to work for the government without fear of being turned away solely for the people they are attracted to.

Unless Gov. Brownback suddenly wakes up one morning with the need to become an open-minded and accepting person, Kansas will be doomed to go on being viewed as a bigoted and socially-backward.