ISIS wants Americans killed, but ‘not a threat’

Sharidan Kraljic, Entertainment editor

Imagine the horror of having all the freedoms that Americans cherish  suppressed by Islamic radicals: neighbors, friends, even family members all fighting for their radical ideals of a perfect, Islamic world.

For some, those horrors are real.

It’s always on the news: who the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is beheading today or who they burned alive this morning.

ISIS is a very serious issue.

As a new terrorist organization, it is as if ISIS is trying to prove itself to other organizations such as al-Qeada or the Taliban. This  genocide of Christians and Muslims alike has only proved that ISIS is too insane for them.

What gets me is that we have leaders, leaders of the free world, who will not name ISIS for what it is.

ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organization. Not all Muslims are radicals like ISIS, but a high majority of ISIS is Muslim.

Now, that would not bother me so much if ISIS was not as threatening as it is.

First, ISIS has killed hundreds of Christians for the sake of their being Christians. All dressed in orange jumpsuits, people have been beheaded and burned alive by these cowards.

Second, they have threatened Rome, the Catholic capitol of the world, saying that they were “coming for [it] next.” ISIS has been murdering Christians left and right; now they are destroying ancient artifacts. Imagine what they would do to Rome!

If ISIS can take Europe, it’s game over. Hopefully, the United Nations will finally eradicate ISIS, but that would be after the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Christians, the destruction of hundreds of thousands of artifacts, and the slap of reality that most Americans would feel.

The thing that bothers me the most is that people still think that ISIS is not a threat. They are knocking on Rome’s door, sending Italy to seek NATO intervention. They are recruiting people from the United States, asking them to join or attack on the home front.

Children! ISIS is training children to become militants.

How many more people burned alive will it take for our leaders and our people to understand?

Just because they are not on our borders does not mean that they are not a threat. It seems like it is going to take another major attack for some people to care that the free world is being threatened.

It has been recently confirmed that there are ISIS-linked groups in all 50 states.

Not only are they now within our borders, they are wanting malls, cops and soldiers killed.

If America waits too long to take action it might be too late. Over the summer, it would have been easy to push them back into Syria and contain them there, but now that the group and ideas have spread all over the world, it will be nearly impossible to do anything to contain them.

Sending soldiers to fight will be the only way to stop ISIS without killing innocent citizens.

I suppose most people think “climate change” is more important.