Top trends for teenagers go-to winter styles.

Brooke Burbidge, Reporter

Waking up in the winter and having to go to school is something students have to do every morning 5 days a week. When you’re getting ready, one key thing for the day is your outfit. Picking out your best outfit at the time allows you to express yourself how you want to be seen. When you walk into school you see new faces looking at your outfit gives the person a feel for what your style is and what your vibe is. 

Many people dress fancy or nice to school while others strive to feel comfy while learning. 

Claire Davis, a freshman at Olathe South, is one student who likes to dress comfortably to get her work done. 

“[What is your go-to outfit for the winter?] Leggings and a sweatshirt and air forces,” Davis said. 

Another freshman at Olathe South, Lakin Albers, likes to dress comfortably with some days dressing in jeans and a sweater. 

“Usually leggings and a sweatshirt and if I’m feeling like it, jeans and a sweater,” Albers said. 

A big trend right now is to wear slippers to school. Comfortable shoes that don’t cause pain are good for walking around school from class to class. Air force ones are also a popular shoe to wear because you can dress them up or down. Air Max shoes by Nike are tennis shoes that come in many different colors and styles and can make walking around and running more tolerable. Lakin wears leggings and a sweatshirt because it makes her feel the most comfortable. 

“It is comfortable and cozy,” Albers said. 

Davis wears her winter outfits that keep her warm during the winter cold months. In the winter months in Kansas, temperatures vary from warm and extremely cold with the winter average bring 31 according to

“It’s comfortable and the school is freezing cold all the time so it keeps me warm,” Davis said. 

LuluLemon is a popular brand among all age groups. One pair of shorts can run you 58-72 dollars depending on the style. The most popular are they are short you can get them in 2” or 4”

“LuluLemon shorts are too expensive just to wear in the summer,” Davis said. 

Wearing a bright colored sweater is an easy way to make your outfit bold and stand out. 

“Yes I would because the jeans that I have are comfortable and the bright sweaters that I have add a pop of color and it is more interesting,” Davis said.  

Mom jeans are the now favorite kind of jeans among teenagers with high weighted pants and wide legged sleeves. 

“I love them and ‘80s baggy jeans,” Albers said. 

High top sneakers are making a comeback as more and more people wear them and start to love them more than low top shoes. 

“I have Nike Blazers and I love them, I think they should come back,” Albers said. 

Platform sneakers are in style again you can get anything between sneakers and slippers with platforms. 

“I think they look really good on people and I would get them but I feel like I would be too tall,” Davis said.