Retro Bowl

Timothy Wood, Reporter

Now that school is back in full swing, Retro Bowl has been the game that students have used to pass the time in classes with teachers getting frustrated at students for not paying attention. “I like to do it in class and my teachers get mad because I’m not paying attention to the lesson that they are teaching,” sophomore Gage Kitchen said.

Kitchen expresses how fun the game is to him. “It has a lot of features but it’s also simple and it’s kind of a way for people to play a sports game on their phones,” Kitchen said.

Kitchen feels the game is interesting and so time consuming “due to the different seasons, different teams, and the salary cap adjustments.” “It just makes it more exciting and it just makes you want to play the game over and over again and make your team better,” Kitchen said.

Sophomore Chrstian Silveria emphasizes how he got addicted to it. “When I was bored in class one day and everyone else was playing it and I started to play it and when I got home and played it for four straight hours and it was just really fun and it passed the time quickly for me,” Silveria said.

Senior Gavin MacAfrey says that people “who haven’t played” just don’t understand the grind. “People just don’t understand the time that I put into Retro Bowl… Not everyone was made for how time consuming Retro Bowl is to people, I started getting addicted to it like a month ago and football is my favorite sport and being a part of a great game,” McAfery said.

Sophomore Drew Anthony expresses how good his team is doesn’t stop playing.“When you have a five star team like I do it’s kinda hard not to play, I have a five star offensive with a quarterback with max arm power. It’s kind of hard not to play every day. I’m always trying to get my team to be the best and win,” Anthony said.

Anthony says why he became so addicted to Retro Bowl. “I really got addicted when teachers started to get boring with teaching and lessons and all of that stuff,” Anthony said.