Classic Christmas Decorations to Spice Up Your House During the Holiday Season


Box of those classic holiday decorations

Mya Roberts, Reporter

Christmas decorations play a big part in the holiday spirit. There are many different decorations and color schemes that are used to best fit the kind of Christmas style that you prefer.

With the many decorations used to spice up your home during the holiday seasons can come in many different color variations. The color scheme of your Christmas decorations can really be anything that you want but many people stick to classic colors. The most popular color schemes are red and green, blue and silver, and red and gold. You can mix and match these classics or make up your own color scheme that matches with the rest of your house. 

Some essential holiday decorations that are included when getting ready for the holidays include trees, tree skirts, tree toppers, ornaments,  wreaths, stockings, mistletoe, tinsel, advent calendars, bows, and lights.

Trees: There are multiple different types of Christmas trees that are used during the holidays ranging in size, color, height, and realness. As of 2020 54% of Americans use reusable fake trees and 17% of Americans buy a real tree every year.

Tree skirts: Tree skirts are used to hide tree stands that aren’t all that pretty. They provide a space to lay out your presents during the holiday season.

Tree toppers: Most people wrap up their Christmas tree with a beautiful tree topper. Tree toppers can be anything that you wish it to be. You could use a star, an angel, a bow, and many other things.

Ornaments: Christmas ornaments are used to personalize your tree, wreath, or garland. Ornaments can range in size, shape, and color. Some ornaments come in your favorite characters from shows or movies and you can even DIY ornaments using dough and other craft supplies.

Wreaths: Wreaths can be used on your front door to serve as a festive welcome to guests during the holiday season. They may also be used inside and on other features of your house. Wreaths can be in many different colors and can also be customized to your likings using supplies from your local craft store.

Stockings: Stockings are usually hung by the fireplace, if you have one, and if not, anywhere that you may choose. Hooks are used to hang these stockings whether they are weight hooks with pretty, festive designs or basic hooks hung anywhere you decide. Stockings come in a variety of colors and styles and can also be personalized like many other holiday decorations. Stockings may hold all of the little goodies you get for Christmas, or maybe even coal, chocolate or not.

Mistletoe: mistletoe is a parasitic plant from the families of  Loranthaceae, Misodendraceae, and Santalaceae. It is a symbol of love and a kiss is supposed to be planted on those who pass underneath it. Mistletoe can be hung really anywhere you want it. It also ensures good luck on those who pass if hung by  or on the front door.

Tinsel: tinsel is a holiday decoration that is supposed to mimic the effect of ice. It is made of a sparkly material attached to a thread and is usually hung on your Christmas tree. And cats love to ea

Advent Calenders: advent calendars help count down the days until Christmas with a fun surprise given each day. On each day until December, starting on the 1st and ending on the 25th, you open a little flap that encloses a little surprise for you to have each day. You can get many different types of advent calendars that have many different types of surprises for every age.

Bows: bows are made for many different things during the holiday season. They can spice up any tree, wreath, gift basket, present and many other things. They can come in many different bow styles and colors to match any aesthetic you are aiming for.

Lights: lights are used in many different places during the holiday season. They can be put on the tree, in garlands and wreaths, and can decorate the house. Some people even make light shows during the holidays that go along with festive music.

Poinsettias: poinsettias are known for their red and green foliage and are used as Christmas decorations during the holiday seasons. They are widely used in Christmas floral displays. You can buy poinsettias, fake or real, and can even find fake ones that clip onto your tree.

Garland: garlands are generally made of greenery such as pine or evergreen boughs and more recently they have been made from the same metallic material as tinsel. Garland can be bought real or fake and can be decorated in many different ways including lights, ornaments, and some even have pinecones hidden in them.

Some more decorations that you might consider using during the holiday season are those classic Christmas figures including, santas, reindeers, snowmen, snowflakes, gingerbread houses and men, candy canes, bells, stars, angels, Nativity scenes, Christmas villages, and nutcrackers. Many of these figures can be seen on anything that you could imagine from decorations to clothes to blankets to kitchen accessories.

Santas: Santa figures can be put on any Christmas decoration that you can possibly think of. They could be on stockings, clothes, stockings, and many more. They can also be used as little statues and even inflatables in your front yard decorations.

Reindeers: reindeers are another universal figure that can be put on really anything from clothes to decorations to inflatable figures outside.

Snowmen: snowmen really are another universal decoration that can be used really anywhere and on any decoration. Snowman can also be made when there is enough snow outside. You stack big snowballs on top of eachother and decorate it with what you want.

Snowflakes: snowflakes can be all around us during the holiday season. When it’s snowing, snowflakes surround us in the air but they can also be used as decorations on the tree, window stickers, and anywhere else you wish.

Gingerbread houses and men: gingerbread houses and men are something that you could do with the family, friends, and even by yourself. You can decorate them with frosting and candies and anything that you wish. gingerbread houses and men can also be decorations to clothes and other warm holiday items.

Candy canes: candy canes can be used as a decoration on your tree or clothes but can be eaten, whether that be by itself or in your hot chocolate. Candy canes can also come in different colors and sizes.

Bells: bells can be used in many ways while decorating. They can be decorations on your Christmas tree and even around the necks of reindeer.

Stars: stars are used in very many ways during the holiday season. It can be used as the topper on your tree and in many other places on your tree and other places around your house.

Angels: angels can play a big part in your Christmas decorations. They represent the birth of Jesus. They can be used as a tree topper or figurines and in many other ways when decorating during the holidays.

Nativity scenes: nativity scenes are set up during the holiday season to represent baby Jesus. Nativity scenes contain different people who played a role in the story of the birth of baby Jesus.

Christmas villages: Christmas villages are set up during the holiday season. They consist of little decorated houses, trees, and little Christmas figurines.

Nutcrackers: nutcrackers are figurines made out of wood or metal. They can be painted as soldiers or any other Christmas figures. They are made to crack nuts during the holiday season but many people just use them as decoration.

Decorations can play a really big part in people’s Christmas season. Christmas decorations can be any style that you want. You can use all of the classic Christmas decorations or you can use none of them and make your own Christmas style. No matter what you use to decorate your house for the holidays, make it your own and really enjoy the holiday season.