Fake vs Real Christmas Trees


Jalil Smith, Reporter

December is the month with the holiday that little kids look forward to, Christmas. There are lots of things that need to be done to have a successful Christmas. You need to cook food, buy gifts and songs, send out cards, etc. There is one item in particular that needs to be purchased for a successful holiday. That item is the Christmas tree. This tree is what gifts go under, it’s what has the star on top, and it’s used to spread cheer throughout the entire day. While these types of trees are great, there is a question that needs to be answered: What’s better, fake or real Christmas trees?

Artificial trees are what you want if you want a reusable tree. Unlike real trees, fake trees are made from materials such as plastic and/or metals. This guarantees more durability, easier transportation back to your home and it saves money in the long run. Fake trees are also easy to dismantle, creating space in the house. Most are even flame resistant. The downsides of these trees, however, are both cost and ecofriendliness. Fake trees not only cost more, but it also requires more carbon emissions to produce and ship. Fake trees are better for personal use than for the environment.

If a classic Christmas is wanted, real trees are what you desire. Unlike artificial trees, real trees are great for the environment. They absorb a lot of carbon from the air and they are biodegradable. Every time this tree gets harvested, another is planted in its stead to ensure a steady supply. As a plus, they also give off a really good scent. Although real trees carry a lot of pros with them, they also have some cons. They are not easy to dispose of and they often shed pine needles onto the floor. Ouch. They also need to be constantly maintained or else they die. They are also more likely to get caught on fire. Real trees are better for the habitat and tradition than for convenience.

While both types of trees are used, they are both different in their own way. Regardless of the pros and cons,these trees make a lot of people happy. Hopefully you make a careful decision on what type of tree you want to have for Christmas.