US drone attack in Afghanistan



Image of an attack drone taking off provided by Flickr

Timothy Wood, Reporter

The US sent a drone to help take out the Taliban but backfired after it was given false information and killed 10 innocent civilians, including an aid worker and 7 children

“I think it is a tragic accident. I hate to see innocent people get killed like that but.. We were trying to do the right thing but we clearly did the wrong thing,” Social studies teacher Mr. Cook said

Cook sees the drone strike as a safer way to eliminate risk to service members.

“It’s safer for us not necessarily for the terrorists, but it is definitely safer for our  servicemembers” Cook said “ I feel comfortable. We truly believe we try to limit collateral damage. We tried to limit hitting innocent targets or innocent people…”

Cook is comfortable with the US doing these strikes, regardless of mishaps.

“ It was an accident and it’s tragic and sad and I hate to see it but they’ve been doing it for quite some time. With these drones I hope there’s a way to limit these kinds of accidents and I hope they can figure something out in the future…’’ Cook said.

Teacher Brett Mowery explains that lost life is always a negative no matter what

“you know you got to cherish life and obviously what brought us to this event was another  loss of life, and so it’s kind of a retaliatory practice of you know, you do this and we’re going to do this to you and it’s unfortunate that it came to that,” Mowery said.

Mowrey also sees the drone strikes as a way to keep service-members safe.

“ That’s obviously a key priority… I don’t think the mass casualties of civilians was due to a faulty drone, it’s just maybe more faulty information,” Brett said. “ I probably assume they’re going to make changes. You know people, mistakes are made sometimes and hopefully they learn and grow from it.”

The recent drone strike has made people feel uncomfortable, though. Mowrey talks about his side to it.

“It really hasn’t impacted me that much so my comfort level hasn’t been tested as much. The people who suffer from this are probably one, in the military because they are the ones who half to make those decisions and I can’t see it being an easy decision and there is always innocent bystanders situation, whatever conflict there’s been throughout world history there’s been innocent bystanders that end up suffering from these types of events.” Brett said. 

  Mowrey hopes there isn’t a reason to use more drones in the future.

“Everyone’s always got this philosophy of if everybody loved everybody or treated everybody with respect we wouldn’t have these types of problems and obviously that’s not the case, they’ll still be used,” Mowery said. “The hope is we don’t have to use these things again… I definitely don’t see boots on the ground in Afghanistan but I could still see drones being used in Afghanistan.”