Parent reactions to racist homecoming sign

Mya Roberts, Reporter

Parents are shocked at the recent racist events. They don’t understand what drove students to make such a hateful sign.

Chisholm Trail parent, Sabrina Poston does not approve of the sign and was in disbelief learning about it.

“I was honestly shocked,” Poston said. “I think it’s awful.”

Parent Heather Edmonds agrees with Poston. She doesn’t understand why anyone would make something like that.

My initial reaction was I couldn’t believe what I was reading, ” Edmonds states.

Michelle Roberts, Olathe South parent, was angry seeing the sign that had been made. She doesn’t find it funny in any way, shape, or form.

“I thought it was ridiculous that someone thought it was funny,” Roberts said. 

Olathe West parent, Holly Crawford can’t believe that this sign was made in the community. She thought that parents were raising their kids to know the difference between right and wrong.

“I was outraged and in disbelief that this happened in our community,” Crawford states.

Edmonds doesn’t think this should be a laughing matter, either. She believes it was something that should have never been made.

“I do not believe this was funny in any way and it was horribly disrespectful and hateful,” Edmonds expresses.

Roberts believes that the situation is awful for everyone; the students, staff, parents, and the school as a whole.

“It sucks that it happened,” Roberts states. “And it sucks that the school is being brought down by it, these were the actions of an individual, not the school.”

Crawford believes that this sign should have been stopped while the student was in the process of making it. 

“Somewhere along the line someone should have spoken up,” Crawford said. “Anyone who saw this sign before it even made it out the front door.”

Roberts is tired of this whole situation. She believes that people need to stop blaming the school system.

“The school did not raise these children,” Roberts said. “Their parents did.”

Poston thinks that parents aren’t educating their children to the best of their abilities. She doesn’t think that the sign should have been made and that parents should be unsettled by their children’s actions. She thinks that they should have great punishments for the horrible sign they made.

“I feel like people should be educating their children better,” Poston said

Roberts agrees with Poston. She thinks that there had to be someone that saw the sign and believes they should have stopped it from being used.

“My thoughts are, some parent had to of seen this sign and did nothing to stop it, “ Roberts states. “Which makes me think parents need to start acting more like parents.”