Top 5 Met Gala Fails


Liv Swaney

The Met Gala is single handedly one of the most glamorous and important events in a celebrities life, except this year there was a lot less emphasis on the glamorous portion. While at every awards event there is always the best, worst, and most outrageous outfits, this year the Met Gala really took outrageous to the next level. From dresses similar to what I find in Macys prom dress section to what looked like an attempt to replicate a shadow, this year’s flashy fits were more of a blinding blow to national television. Not only were the outfits less than subpar some people look like they just rolled up from the bar, let’s dive into the top 5 Met Gala fails.  

Coming in hot at number 1, Kim Kardashian West’s look, “I was inspired by my shadow.” While she is known to head new trends and rock bold looks this look was not her brightest moment, literally. While she flaunted her reign over the fashion and makeup industry with an all black moment, she failed to show off the makeup aspect of her life. I support her efforts to combat COVID with her head being completely covered in black fabric, but it does give off “lost a fight with my beanie” vibes. Her floor length extensions blended well into the queen of the shadow vibes she had going on, but it also had me questioning what she may have swept up while walking the carpet. Points for being efficient in a two-in-one look that is a fashionable sleek pony, and also a broom. Overall I would give this look a 3.5/10, points for being COVID safe.

Making our way to number 2, Hailey Steinfield in, “I killed a swan.” While Stienfield stuns in movies such as Pitch Perfect 1, 2, and 3, Charlie’s Angels, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, and many more, her dress on the other hand, stunned in other ways. The feather detailing on the front of the dress resembled a swan wing that got attacked by a toddler with rhinestones. Her bleached bob and eyebrows look was a breathtaker, unlike the detailing on her dress. Some call it art, personally, I call it intense frostbite. The white spore-like detailing that was the dress and what was around her neck was just not doing it for me. Besides the spore-like detailing that looked like frostbite, the actual dress itself did a great job blending into her skin tone, at first glance it looks like the feathers are the only thing preventing her from being in her birthday suit. Overall I give this a 6.5/10. She gets half a point for the most iconic blonde moment.

Switching it up to the gentlemans side number 3 is Kid Cudi in, “My mom said I look cool.” Cudi is a revolutionary hip-hop and rap artist whose unique approach to the genre started his claim to fame and earned the respect of many A-listers. His music style isn’t the only thing he can claim as being unique, his Met Gala outfit screamed angsty 80’s remix video. While I appreciate the intense colors to contradict the shadow queen Kim K and all of the tuxedos, it is also apparent that maybe too much color is a thing. His pants looked as though they were umbrella material with smiley faces that didn’t quite dry painted on them. Points to him for tying in the electric green with his shoes and hair, at least one thing was consistent. Rappers are known for their serious bling, but a bedazzled skeleton might have been a stretch for the idea of “bling.” His sweatshirt on the other hand was very nice, I myself would invest in that sweatshirt, points for that aspect too. Finally we address the situation with eyeliner. It is giving, “I found my mom’s eyeliner,”, and, “I wanted to be a raccoon,” all at once, a tough look to pull off. Overall I would give this a 4/10. He only scored that high because he had the colors of a roller skating rink which is fun and fresh.

Filing in at number 4 is CL in, “What do you mean my underwear is showing.” CL dominates the kpop scene as an upcoming korean star. Unfortunately unlike her successful career, this outfit was a bit subpar. While I am all for bold looks and saying, “screw the norms,” this may have been a bit of a stretch. The flowing denim robe, dress, jacket, or cloak, I’m not really sure what it was, but if she was going to guess my dress she would have won for most confusing. The overall detailing in the thneed, I think that’s the best description for an article of clothing that has multiple uses from the movie, “The Lorax,” was beautiful. Moving down the outfit to the pants that double as underwear I think my grandfather uses. I am thoroughly impressed at how white and crisp the undergarment was, I would step outside and the wind would blow, and BAM there would be a stain. I was confused on the concept she was going for, it was a mix between airing it all out and an abstract interpretation of 90’s denim craze. Overall I would give this look a 5.9/10. Points because she really is stunning.


Last but certainly not least is Natalie Bryant flaunting, “Fruity Pebbles meets balloon.” Natalie Bryant, daughter of recently passed legend basketball star Kobe Bryant, is a young model and strong role model for those struggling with loss. She is powerful on and off the runway, unfortunately the outfit did not live up to be as strong as her. Her hair and natural makeup compliment her raw beauty so well, but once you pass the collar bones it’s a steep decline, like falling off a cliff. The dress itself does not look comfortable whatsoever and seems very heavy to be wearing for an extended period of time. Additionally, the detailing was a bit odd. The metallic flowers looked more like a Lisa Frank sticker book than an actual article of clothing. The shoes are also not complimentary. The purple bows and giant gemstones in the middle look more like dress up shoes than strutting the runway. Overall I would give this a 6.1/10. Points for her raw beauty and still being able to pull off the blown up Fruity Pebbles.


The red carpet always has its fashion woahs and its fashion nos. People take statement pieces into the realm of border line fashion crimes. This is not to neglect their accomplishments and actual beauty that the outfits may take away from. Celebrities are always in the spotlight, and that can be taxing emotionally and physically. While they face judgement everyday, I am no exception to making judgement because of the first amendment right, heck yeah. Thank you Met Gala for making me laugh. You truly were a good knee slapper.