The Craze of Haunted Houses



Going to haunted house are very fun, here is a wonderful illustration of a haunted house.

Riley Story, Reporter

Haunted Houses are a big craze in the fall season. People go to have a good time, hang with friends, and well, to be scared. Around Halloween it’s always fun to go hit up a nearby haunted house. 

Toynbee’s House of Horrors, a great place to go to, is a little in the middle of nowhere, but that’s the fun of it. The house is filled with LED lights and scary clowns, so if you don’t like clowns I wouldn’t recommend it. There are dark tunnels, jump scare rooms, and crazy characters. People have to wait in line for a good 15-20 minutes, but it’s totally worth it. 

Exiled – Trail of Terror is in Bonner Springs on the KC Zip course. If you like walking, then you are in for a treat, because according to the event’s website, “The hike will require the physical stamina to climb hills, bend, and stoop,” it is located in the woods, “The woods contain hidden rocks, obstacles, bugs, animals and other hazards.” Attendees are not able to record or use the flashlight on their phone, rather they will be provided with LED flash lights to find their way through the spooky woods.

The haunts of the haunted houses are amazing based on where you go. There’s different types of haunts, like spooky twists and turns in the woods, jump scare houses, corn mazes, haunted hayrides, and many more. 

Not only are there Haunted Houses but other haunted places such as hotels, theaters, trails and many more.

At Macabre Cinema Haunted Attractions, according to the events website, people “Experience the action of classic and contemporary horror scenes through a haunted 1930’s movie theater with 4 floors of thrill that will take your breath away trying to escape. This haunt will keep you moving…no movie watching here. Clowns, zombies and ghouls will taunt and shadow you hiding in actual movie sets from, The Mummy, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and more.” In their new escape room, “Full Room Escape,” you can solve puzzles, clues and find secret hidden messages throughout the theater before your time runs out. If you like haunted escape rooms, you will definitely like this one.

If you like overnight stays and real life stories, you will love “The Sallie House”. It has been said to be actually haunted. According to The Sallie House website, “Events that have been witnessed by visitors to the Sallie House include:

  • video and investigative equipment that stop working
  • batteries that are full immediately and completely draining
  • experience moving objects
  • unexplained scratches or bruising on their bodies during/after visits
  • physical touches
  • mysterious coldness
  • Trained guide dogs refuse to enter the nursery” 

As you can see, the events that occur in the Sallie House aren’t usual scares. It’s a much more mature place to be, so if you want to bring people who can’t handle that kind of stuff, I wouldn’t bring them. Like younger children, or people that get spooked easily.

To find out more information on these haunted locations go to these websites. 

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Going to haunted houses or haunted explorations are definitely something to kick off the spooky season.