Devious Licks is Ludicrous


Kai Magana

Toilets were one of many targets of the “devious lick” trend sweeping schools in September.

Mya Roberts, Reporter

The Devious Licks trend has gotten out of control. The tiktok trend, devious licks, started on Sept. 1 after a user posted a tiktok showing disposable masks that they supposedly stole, clogging a toilet. This trend spread through schools very fast. It has gotten way out of control and is overall just stupid.

When teachers first started explaining what was going on in school, it seemed like such a big joke. There were hand sanitizers being taken, soap dispensers being broken, kool-aid being dumped in the toilets to look like blood, and 20 bottles of hand sanitizer in one teachers room. These were all funny but then people took it way too far.  Things were getting stolen and people were getting in some big trouble. Some were getting pressed with charges and had suspensions because of it.

The consequences started to affect the whole school, not just the group of people that were pulling the devious licks. Teachers had to sit in the bathrooms at all times, wasting their time. It was weird and awkward and made everyone feel uncomfortable. Some of the teachers would play music in there and that was strange, too. The bathrooms started getting locked all throughout the day and students never knew what bathroom was going to be open. Sometimes depending on where a class was students had to walk quite a bit just to get to a bathroom that was open. Everyone was suffering for something that just a handful of people were doing.

 This devious licks thing needs to end because it is just stale now. Nobody thinks it’s funny anymore and it is just plain tiresome. These tricks have gone too far and it makes no sense as to why they are occurring. Why in the world would anyone want to steal something from a high school bathroom? What could be valuable about something like that? These people who are pulling these tricks just seem like they are wanting to get in trouble. They have heard the threats and they have heard the consequences, yet they are still pulling these tricks. Getting in trouble with the police, let alone at the school, is not something that someone should want to do. 

These tricks are something that need to be put in the past. There is a rumor going around that there is a new challenge every month that students can participate in, and this should not happen. Not very many people think that it’s funny anymore and if they do, they need to find new things to laugh about because it is destructive. It gets students in very big trouble and vandalizes the school they go to. The money the school has to use to fix the vandalism students are causing could be put towards something that would serve a greater purpose. Students need to stop vandalizing the school they go to if they want to enjoy, even a little, of their high school experience.